Hope You are fine, I wanted to know if polymenorrhoea can be a sign of PCOS or not? I`ve had this problem for few months, I aint fat, some even call me thin and as far as I know there's no genetic background of this disease in my family as well (except i have noticed alopecia and balding in my uncles, which I dont know it can be indication of something! or not!)...never been oligomenorrhic, but i have developed some extra hairs Sad...all hormonal tests were normal and within natural range..FBS and insulin tests were normal too...I also have done sonography for which my first doctor was skeptic if one of my ovaries is having cysts or not! but when I changed my doctor he told me they dont...am quite confused if I am having PCO or not. can diet also cause such sypmtoms? the food I eat( because I have noticed a large number of women here which r having same problems), should I avoid something? can these symptoms be temporary?

I am so worried about this

Thank you in advance

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replied April 10th, 2009
Women with PCOS can exhibit oligomenorrhea (infrequent menstrual periods) or polymenorrhoea (frequent periods). The most common causes of frequent periods are related to menstrual cycles where no egg is produced (anovulatory cycles). This can occur during the time before menopause and in women with polycystic ovaries. When no cause is identified for freqeunt menstrual bleeding, doctors label the disorder "dysfunctional uterine bleeding".

Double check with your doctor, and request both a physical, internal and sonogram, if necessary. You definitely want to follow up with this!
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