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Pollen triggers gout attacks?

ok, so i have had Gout for about 5 years or so... and I had no idea what it was until recently after my brother got diagnosed.

so I have been doing my research, as everyone does once they know they have THE GOUT.

My last 2 attacks happened in the fall and now in the spring, April 1st-still going on. And i normally get 2 a year.

Now, i just found an article that suggests that pollen may trigger attacks... the research said the doctor found that the number of gout attacks seemed to increase in the spring and the fall...

so i am wondering what you all know of the connection to pollen and gout?
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replied April 30th, 2009
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I have seen two such articles about gout flares increasing in the spring - one in the US and one in England. The British doctor and I both share the suspicion that the connection is sleep apnea. Pollen inflames the lining of the airway so that it is more likely to close for many seconds at a time when the muscles relax during sleep, which is sleep apnea. The oxygen deprivation during these periods causes the cells to generate excess uric acid and makes the blood more acidic so that it can hold less uric acid in solution. The result is that uric acid precipitates as urate crystals, which cause gout when they lodge in a joint.

Your gout is a warning that you may have sleep apnea, which if left untreated can result in many much more serious consequences. Heed the warning, and make sure that you don't have sleep apnea!
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