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POEM: I learned of the Cutters Storm

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Cutters Storm

Oh mama and papa if only you would hear me out
Will you not listen, will you please not shout?

Yelling and screaming and calling me names
Only adds fuel to a fire that needs little to blame..

Help me to understand what is happening to me
Cutting is unusual in the everyday normal scope of things..

I want you to know that there is a storm before the calm and fire
Each worldly pain brings a spark that ignites the storms sire

A cutters plight all askew waiting with the gloom
All want a friend to stand through this darkened doom

Outstretched arms the weary stand saying; look what I have done
Downcast eyes that never really see nor shine with the daylight sun

A cutters stand increased two fold filled with pain of the world and self
Wondering will today be all that I have left

Eyes that mist as time is sought to once again bring blood as a mend
To all the sorrow the world brings to me all that it sends

I am alone on a planet of million where my actions send others scurrying to
their homes
A world mostly alone waiting on the trigger that sends me running to the phone..

Help I call what have I done, I cannot seem to stop my pain
It thrives as stress increases my plot let me release all the blame

I know you are hurting that your child could cause such pain for this I am sorry
A cutters plot and terror reigns..

Stand by me please and hear me out let our tears mingle to find a cure
A cutters storm is in the distant not sacred and never pure..

Oh mama and papa I prefer to be innocent of the cutter storm surge
Add your strength that I emerge stronger where in end the storm will be purged..

It takes daily saying no not today and a promise to a loved one that the cutting will stay at bay
Please seek answers and counseling really can help remove the blades and call a stay..
Seek friendship and talk that others may know there is a life where some don’t glow
A life where pain takes a roller coaster ride and the scars on the body is what’s left to show..

Cutter storm today I declare no matter what a blade I will not share
Not a drop of blood will I shed and my arms and legs visible I will lay bare

One day at a time my purpose in life will be helping set others free
That cutters can open their hearts, minds and souls their eyes open to see..

There is a world they remember that is not of the cutter pain
that we each have things to deal with now other ways to handle the strain..

Release me weary world of the terror plot you place in my mind
That forever more not a storm will brew not ever again in this life..
6/21/09 kd
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replied June 29th, 2009
I wonder if anyone has anything I could add to this poem?
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replied July 9th, 2009
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Hey, Kd... i was wondering... I cannot reply to any of your messages! It says that I can't send private messages to you at this time... It has said that for a while now. :S
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replied July 9th, 2009
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This is a really good poem. Pretty accurate look into a cutter's mind... nice job.
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