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Poem about my depression..

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I wrote this a few minutes ago and felt like posting it to maybe make me feel better.. I hope you like it.

Depression -

What's there to love?
What's there to hate?
Moping around in my room with a sleezy & bitter aftertaste..
Stuck in here in utter solitude...
Weakness takes over all of my fortitude..
I feel weak and heavy..
What's there to do?
What haven't I already done?
I've tasted all the flavours...
I chose not to pick one..
But this is not the end of my day..
I will have to relive it over & over again..
Only to say to myself..
"I never have fun.."
Millions of hearts have been broken, but mine is shattered...
Will I ever find all those pieces to make me feel better..
I wish I were dead..
But actually I don't know what's better..
To be stuck up here..
Or dug and put down six feet under...
I hear voices everyday..
They tell me to do things which I have no tether..
They hit me like a volley ball..
I go wherever they go...
Secret aliens live up in the sky..
They control me cause they know soon I'll die..
They say I'm the creater of the universe and everything sublime..
But really, I have no control over time..
I wish I could see where I'll be when I'm older..
I can't even imagine myself as being anything anymore..
I have no body..
No mind..
And no soul...
I live in the darkest pits of abyss..
Where I tread, no man dares to go...

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