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Hi! So here's what's going on; hoping to hear what you guys think:

-26 year old male, no past medical history
-Had cough for approx. 7 months, went to see Dr. Did chest x ray and said it could be pneumonia.
-Link to first chest x ray: .0-12/13288924_10209945105130610_183347089 4_n.jpg?oh=b47d1e4e5523b8c1173c2942cd201c7 f&oe=5744A8E1
-Prescribed Z-pack, no improvement
-Prescribed Cefta, no improvement
-Every couple weeks I noticed I was getting sick (felt like common cold: congestion, FATIGUE, sometimes fever)
-Minor cough from alleged pneumonia persists
-Approx 7 weeks later, went back for visit because of sore throat and fatigue
-Diagnosed with strep. Prescribed amoxicillin.
-Dr. ordered follow up xray (I didn't get a chance to take pic of this one). Radiologist's notes:

"Frontal and lateral view of the chest is obtained for interpretation. The heart is normal in size. The pulmonary vasculature is unremarkable. Persistent left suprahilar and perihilar opacity noted. No change since prior study. Left hilar lymphadenopathy and associated atelectasis not excluded."

Dr. is having me come in for a CT scan in a few days to get a better look.

Also during this visit, I told Dr. I was concerned with frequency of getting sick (every few weeks it seems like). Dr. noted lymph node swelling on left side of my neck in two places and a slightly swollen one under left armpit. I can also feel a solid lump on the lower left part of my back (approx 1cm) but I'm not sure if that is related to anything.

I also mentioned that my mother's twin brother had Hodgkin's lymphoma twice in his early twenties. Paternal aunt died of breast cancer at 43.
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