On 9/3/2008, I developed a cough. Earlier on in the week, I had woken up with a sore throat that hurt to swallow, but it went away after a few hours so I just thought I had a sore throat. The cough got so bad that I was unable to sleep at night (averaging just 2-3 hours). It started off dry, then wet, then dry again, then wet.

I went to the student health clinic at my university and they told me that the pollen here is really high and it's probably allergies. They prescribed me guaifenesen, claritin, and gave me some halls. The cough continued and I also had some bouts of diarrhea.

I went to a local hospital's convenient care clinic. They didn't give me any sort of a diagnoses, but prescribed me tessalon perles. Hopeful, I took the medicine, but it didn't really seem to do much. I was gagging from coughing and up all night. The cough began getting a little more phlegm-y.

Yesterday during class, I noticed that I was having increasingly painful shooting pain on the right side of my chest when I breathed. I didn't think much of it, because I have scoliosis and often random parts of my chest/back will hurt for a minute. Well, it didn't go away and in fact, got worse. I contacted a doctor back at home, and he said that I most likely have allergic bronchitis and bruised my chest/ribs from coughing so hard. He prescribed me an inhaler and prednisone.

I took those two for the first time last night (I am, at this point, off all other meds) and it didn't really seem to do anything. I was up coughing, in tears crying all night, gagging over the sink while grabbing my chest. I wasn't worried of any sort of heart attack or heart problems, so I toughed it out and was told by my pharmacist to pop an advil and I should be fine. Well, it did NOTHING. It felt like I was repeatedly being stabbed in the chest every time I breathe/move. It hurt to raise my arms even a little bit, and even today at the health clinic, it was difficult for me to press a button on the elevator.

I went back to the student health clinic today. I had a fever of 100.3 for the first time throughout my sickness. They sent me down to radiology and had an xray taken. They said my lungs sounded clear, and my heart sounded healthy, but that when I stood with my left side to the xray slab, there was a black area that she thought may be pneumonia. I explained that back in 97 I tested positive for TB, but was put on medication for a year and chest xrays always came back clean and uninfected. She wasn't sure if it was pneumonia because it was a side shot, so she sent it to radiology. In the meantime, she prescribed hydrocodone for the cough and pain, and a zpack. The hydrocodone helped with the pain, although it was still slightly there and completely there when I was coughing.

I came into my room feeling better. I went to go lay down and almost immediately starting coughing again, releasing that horrendous pain in my chest again. I am not sure if it's the fact that I, in the past month, purchased a down mattress topper (I've had a down comforter for 4 years) or the fact that my head wasn't completely propped up all the way like it was for the few hours before that. I am sitting in my room, where my computer is, and the mattress is near my desk. I'm not coughing currently.

My doctor from home said I could either have allergic bronchitis, pneumonia, or Bornholm disease or some strain of Coxsackie.

What does this sound like to you guys? Allergies? Something else? I know no one could diagnose me but I am curious if anyone else has had similar symptoms or can lead me in the direction of something else. If it makes a difference, I am a 120 pound, 5'1, 23 year old student. I exercise on a semi regular basis and have not been tested for any allergies.
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replied September 17th, 2008
It seems like a case of the allergies could have developed into something more serious, like pneumonia. IT seems like you will need a lot of rest (Can you put your school work on hold?) CORRECT medication, and...a lot of rest!

When do you expect to get a diagnosis?
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