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PMS symptoms yet no period ?

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so, i've got an irregular menstrual cycle (sometimes i go 18 days, and sometimes as many as 40.) but one thing that stays the same are my PMS symptoms. i usually have sore/lumpy breasts, a dull backache, bloating, and irritability for about 3-4 days, and then get my period flow. however, it's been almost a week of sore breasts and irritability - yet no sign of my period. it's been 22 days since my last cycle.

i did have a pregnancy scare, but i don't know if i should still worry. the sex was protected and happened about 4 months ago. i've taken 4 pregnancy tests, all of which were negative. i've had 5 periods since then, but they were somewhat lighter/shorter than usual. i also went to my gynecologist about 2 weeks ago. she performed a pelvic exam, and said there were no signs of pregnancy. SO, i'd figure that a pelvic exam almost 4 months after sex would show pregnancy, if it was there. i DON'T think my doctor and 4 hpts could be wrong.

i'm worried that my period's not coming, yet my breasts have been sore and achy. should i just wait to see if it shows up soon? what do you all think?
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First Helper nisandigo

replied November 20th, 2009
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Hi, am 44, and have similar symptoms, of late my periods a bit irregular, 30 days,19 days, 24 days, 31 days and so on, but I get symptoms like yourself long before period comes. I was putting it down to perhaps menopause starting, but you may be a different age.
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replied December 15th, 2009
Natural menses is not happen
im 20 years old now.i had not a natural menses period vog doctor said that my uterus is small by using scaning. and he cald that my overies are not clear.but after using norgest tablets for 12 days menses was happened.but when i don't use norgest tablets it is not happen.I want to know is there not releasing ovules in my I use norgest tablets continously
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