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Pls help me out with this

ive had braces for a good couple of years and that had fixed my teeth and my bite functions fine.. i've been told my bite and teeth function fine by a consultant...

heres the problem... braces kind of changed my face shape and i dont like it... i have problems with my jaws now.. tmj (jaws clicking, face muscles hurt etc), i have sleep apnoea. i have trouble breathing sometimes when i sleep, and i get lots of headaches.. ive been told i have myofacial pain n i have back pain, and neck pain

so i want cosmetic surgery but dont know what to go for... what i think is i have weak lower jaw, jutting chin (chin too far forward), the upper jaw grew too much, receding lower jaw, disproportional lower face... ive gone to blogs and been told a genio is all i would need tog et the result i want, but im not sure if thats enough i want to go all the way... so should i look into extensive jaw surgery upper/lower/both , rhinoplasty, genioplasty.. .. i want wider upper jaw for higher cheekbones , and i show teeth more when smiling, more balanced profile, and hump on nose to be removed.. plz help me out with this

http://oi43.[image removed]/2b14t1.jpg
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