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Pleurisy can be a painful irritation of the tissue that surrounds the lungs. Basic info on types of pleurisy, anatomy of the lungs, and medical definitions here...
Learn which medical conditions can cause pleurisy and other pleura disorders here. Plus, check out if you are at risk of pleurisy in the risk factors section....
Pleurisy can manifest as a sharp stabbing chest pain when you inhale, cough or sneeze. Learn to identify signs and symptoms of pleura disorders here....
what would you recomend for a person returning to the gym after having pleurisy 2 months ago

thanks martina
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replied August 25th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
You need to ask your doctor that treated you for the pleurisy what you should or should not do, if anything.

I would venture to guess, though, that you will need to start your workouts slowly to build up your strength. Remember you have not been to the gym for a while.

But, it is best to get your answers from your doctor. We are not doctors, just other members like yourself, that have spine problems.

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replied August 26th, 2009
the reason i ask this question is it actualy not me who has the pleurisey its a client of mine,im a gym instuctor.
allthough she has been give clearence from her doctor to exercises i be still worrried about giving her a gym programe, as she still feels caught in the chest.

if you give her to much cardio will this mean she will flare up the problem again? you most certinaly would be keeping her away from any sort of 'weight traning'(toneing)for another couple of months?

been in this profession for years,i just havent come across it before?
andf i know your not doctors im just looking for advice from people who have suffered before or know somebody who has

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