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So over the past year my health has declined rapidly I am 19 years old, my whole life I've had zero health complications besides seizures when I was a child and 5-6 concussions (literally unless I broke a bone in sports i never ever went to a doctor) I've been active for most of my life, up until the past 6 months but I'll come back to that up until a year ago my health started to decline... my high school sweet heart and I where failing in our relationship and we ended up breaking up, it hit me pretty hard cause I loved this girl or thought I did, anyways it put me into a pretty good shot term depression, though it faded with time it seemed to have sparked everything, I noticed my hair started to fall out and became brittle(as well as my nails) and very dry and my nose started to get really bad acne/became quite porous and is always red, along with my skin is always dry on my face. so i developed some social anxiety from this (if you asked me 2 years ago about Mental illness I would've just laughed and said it's all in the persons head to get attention) on top of the hair and acne I developed never ending tonsil stones which cause halitosis (frequent bad breath) which doesn't help with my anxiety in fact I've had nightmares about the bad breath, so when I'm conscious it takes about 45% of my concentration trying not to breathe on people when I talk, and this makes it impossible to hold eye contact, (I've been a top salesman since my first job, so my people skills are-use to be top tier) and all of this has made me quite depressed... but I kept in shape and working out, running 5-10 mi every other day, but in the past 6 months I've noticed my senses are all out of sort, I can't smell anything except strong odours, my hearing is terrible, my coordination is as bad as it was when I was 8, and I've become disgustingly lethargic, I was thinking that my swollen face and hair problem could likely be hypothyroidism but again I have no idea. But the lethargy has become so bad, I who was in the best of shape of my friends is now one of the worse, I gained weight so fast and lost most of my muscle, and my mind feels so dull and slow (I was a writer on the side, and I can't even do that anymore cause I feel my IQ had dropped 10-15 points, if not more...) that I don't even feel like myself. so again my symptoms include... dry red face, acne, thickening of the nose, dry thinning hair, tonsil stones, facial swelling, blepharitis, unnaturally high tolerance to pain, cold intolerance, dulling of senses(lack of smell and sometimes taste, poor hearing) brain fog, extreme lethargy, depression, anxiety, muscle fatigue, muscle and joint pain, I feel so dumb all the time and my facial expression is so "dull" and lifeless and I can't help it unless I think about it every second... I use to be on the higher end of the IQ scale but now I feel as dumb if not dumber than some of my lower IQ friends, my reaction time is maybe 1/4 of what it use to be, my speech is slurred, and I have no sexual drive, in fact I'm scared to be in close proximity of people other than my close friends. I'm pretty sure I have a deodemix mite infestation, but I'm so messed I can't even tell... I'm sorry for my language, but I'm dying, and it's happening so fast, I don't want to go into my prime like this.
My whole life I've been a provincial level athlete, with only broken bones and too many concussions under my belt, and seizures when I was a newborn. I've been on my own since I was 15 so I went to high school played sports then worked night shifts so my amount of sleep from the age of 15-18 was usually around 3-8 hours a night and my eating habits where quite poor, even tho I was active and in shape. (I believe those are all my pre-existing health problems) and in the past year and especially the past 6 months i look in the mirror and don't even recognize who's Looking back at me. I'm just terrified of what is to come, I look like I've aged 20 years in 12 months... I'm broke as hell, and my mom owes me 6k and my sister has her own bills to pay so I can't expect help from my family.... I'm just hoping someone will help me out here, I don't want to be this thing I see anymore
I want to go back to the old me. PS I'm Canadian I have some health care coverage, but i recently went to and ENT for my tonsils and he said because it's not infected he won't preform surgery due to the unnecessary risk.... these things are ruining my life, who cares if the surgery goes wrong in my current state I'm not really even living.... I waited for the consultation for 11 months, just to be pushed out by some goofy ass doctor who talked to me like I haven't spent a whole year researching how to fix this crap at home, "keep doing what your doing" yeah, thanks doc! Real life saver... cool you paid so much money to learn how to operate a laryngoscope not to use it... I'm hoping if I return to my former physical health my mental health will follow behind on its own.... sorry it's so broad and long... but that's how I am right now.... (I've taken my EMT course but the exam is to much in my current condition I can't afford to fail it with my current mental capacity so I'm in need of help quite badly)
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