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please how do i calculate how far along i am (pregnant) ?

have no idea how many months along i am. i cant remember my last mestrual period, can any one help?
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replied July 6th, 2009
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it is nearly impossible to figure out how far along you are without knowing your last period or an estimated due date. basically, right now the other person that can help you figure this out is a doctor. are you able to go see a doctor???

if not... there is a way to get an estimate as to how far along you are. and that is by measuring how high your uterus has grown into your abdomen (also called Fundal Height). start where your pubic hair ends and start gently pressing on your abdomen. if it doesnt feel hard at all (make sure you arent pressing on the bone, by the way) then you are probably less than 12 weeks pregnant. if it feels hard, then slowly start moving your hand upward on your abdomen and press again. keep going up on your abdomen until it doesnt feel hard when you press down.

i tried to find a website with a diagram showing the distances correlating with how far along a pregnant woman is... but i couldnt find one, im sorry! i do know that if it is hard up to your belly button, then you are approximately 20 weeks. i am 15 weeks and mine is a little less than halfway between my pubic bone and my belly button.

please let me know if this helps. you do need to know that this is not an accurate way of measuring pregnancy though. sometimes a uterus can measure 20 weeks when a women is only 16 weeks. or vice versa. it all depends on how many babies youre carrying, how they are positioned in your uterus, if youve been pregnant before, etc.

you should really try to go see a doctor... even if it means showing up an a hospitals emergency room.
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