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Please help with MRI understanding.

I recently had an MRI after a discectomy in dec 2011 for L5-S1. I just got the new results and I am having trouble understanding them. Any help would be so much appreciated.

At the L5-S1 level, the patient has undergone a left laminectomy. There is a small surgical defect along the left posterolateral margin of the disc where it previously displaced the descending S1 nerve root. The defect is now filled with enhancing granulation tissue, which also surrounds the descending left S1 nerve within the lateral recess. There is also granulation tissue along the left lateral margin of the thecal sac and within the laminectomy defect. There is residual protruding disc more cntrally which produces a mild ventral impression on the thecal sal. The neural foramina remain patent.
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