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Please help me.. my girlfriend is on the verge of suicide becaus

I beg you all help me... with any advice, info , suggestion, that might lead to the finding of the problem that my girlfriend has. First of all I `m not from USA and my english is not perfect. I live in Bulgaria, in Europe.

My girlfriend has this issues from 1 month. I must mention that absolutely nothing happened before that, she lived normal and she ate nothing wrong, took no medicine, absolutely nothing happened. It all began when she was at university classes.

summary :

She was at univeristy classes and all of the sudden she felt a strong urge to go at toilet and defecate, also at the same time she felt a strong nausea (to puke). She went at toilet and she could not defecate or puke. She then became bloated (stomatch bloating) and this lasted 1 hour. She went back to class and easyily the symptoms passed. At home everything was fine, no problem. The next day she had the same symptoms, and from that day (1 month ago) till now, the symptoms are present almost 24/7 and she developed panic attacks from this. I know that it might be ALL somatic disorder (anxiety related), but we want to make SURE that it is not another disease before we can all blame it to anxiety.

So please I beg you, tell me, what can she have ? what health issue ? and what tests could be done to check if she has a sickness or not ?

She had normal blood tests, hormonal tests, ecography and all went ok

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