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Please help......I am afraid the doctors are missing something!

My baby is 5 months old and has been diagnosed with RSV, rhinovirus, Enterovirus, pertussis, bronchiolitis X4, heart murmur with PFO, GERD, never had a normal cbc,cmp abnormal sweat test due to excessive sweating, apnea, ALTEX2,cyanosis with normal O2 sats, mottled skin, pallor, diastasis recti, excessive drooling since birth, nasal flaring and retractive breathing all the time, hospitalized at 5 days old for hyperbilirubinemia, hospitalized 18 days old for RSV for 6 days with suspicious Lumbar puncture blamed on traumatic punch but never followed up...but her pediatrician keeps saying she is just sickly and it is all viral...we are scheduled to see a pulmonologist and immunologist but they are months I crazy or is it something else.....+ family hx for rare genetic and auto immune diseases, multiple pregnancy complications.....where do we go from here? Please help. We feel like we are being dismissed!!!!
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replied June 8th, 2016
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?
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