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Plan B and REALLY Heavy bleeding

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I took plan B last week after having unprotected sex. I got my period Friday and it was a little heavier than usual but I didn't worry because one of the possible side effects of the pill was heavier bleeding. However today, Monday, my period is extremely heavy and I am worried. I have a lot of blood clots and I have to change my tampon every hour sometimes more than once in an hour. I also have bad headaches.Is this normal after taking plan B or can it be something else?
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replied December 2nd, 2009
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Plan B is a pretty high dose hormonal birth control pill. All the side effects of birth control pills are thus associated with Plan B. Normally you will see bleeding about a week after you took it. This is not your menstruation but bleeding from your uterus wall because the Plan B hormones are no longer present. Your real menstruation can follow this at the normal expected time or later or earlier.

Is this perhaps Plan B bleeding combined with your own menstruation?

If the bleeding does not stop or get heavier, see your doctor.

Take care!
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