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Plan B after unfinished sex during ovulation, am I pregnant?

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So, let me preface this by saying that I did NOT intend to have sex when I did, or at all. I haven't been one to get "caught up in the moment" but it happened this time, and it's unfortunate. Moving on, on my ovulation and menstruation calendar I just noticed that I was supposed to ovulate on the 15th of this month (roughly) and I had unprotected sex on the 14th. We started using a condom at first, switched positions (and sometimes when position switching happens, an erection is lost) and so he took off the condom so we could get things going again..and when this got going, we just kind of forgot about the condom. We stopped having sex well before he came because I realized I have no idea what his pull out method is like (new sexual partner). Watching him closely, I'm like 95% sure he didn't come because I'm 99% sure he didn't finish. Anyway, the day after I took a Plan B. Well the day after also happened to be when I was estimated to ovulate! I'm totally hating myself right now for not remembering this and honestly kind of anxious. Does it sound like I could be pregnant? What are you all's experiences with plan b during or after ovulation time? I have a birth control appointment set up for next week because I can't go through this again.
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replied May 18th, 2017
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Even if you had sex the whole month without any protection, you would only have a 30% chance of pregnancy. Since he did not ejaculate and you took Plan B, the chances are significantly smaller.
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