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Placenta Abruption and future pregnancy

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I had a complete silent placenta abruption 5 months agao. I was 39 weeks pregnant and there was no reason for the abruption. My doc said that i could start trying to get pregnant again after 2 periods and I want to start right away.
Are my chances higher of a second abruption if i try this soon and what are my actual percentages of having a healthy second pregnancy and baby?
My tests all came back normal - no clotting issues or genetic deceases. My baby Liam was almost 10 lbs and healthy (after otopspy was done).
Do you think I could have another baby?
Would it help if i were on bed rest during next pregnancy?
And lastly, should i see a specialist next time? My OBGYN says i could just stick with her but could a specialist do more for me than her?
Thank for any insight you could provide!!!
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First Helper liamsmom

replied September 5th, 2010
The same things has happened to me!!!
Hi Liams Mum,

My Name is Michelle and in June this year exactley the same thing happened to me, i was 38 and a half weeks pregnant and my placenta abrupted. My Beautiful son Stephen was born lb7.1. The same thing with yourself he was a healthy baby but deprived of oxgyen for too long he passed away at 10 days old. We r devestated and like yourself desperate to try for another baby, i have now had 2 periods and am ready to try this month.

How have you been getting on? r u pregnant? Had another baby? how r u in general as its so so hard, i feel for you as i know how hard this is... was Liam ur 1st child? Stephen was mine...

I hope you get this message and can reply to me
Take care xxx
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replied September 18th, 2010
I also know how you feel...
Hi Michelle,

I also had an abruption but didn't find out until I delivered the most precious little girl who was born sleeping at 24 weeks in July of 2010. She weighed 1 lb, 5oz. I had a bleed earlier on at 15 weeks, but it only happend once when I went to the washroom. They did an ultrasound to see if I had a placental abruption but couldn't see anything and told me to continue on as normal. I had noticed a lack of movement one morning but thought I was going to the doctor that day anyway and they would relieve my thoughts by listening to the only be torn apart when they could find her hearbeat!!

I too would like to start trying in the next couple of months but am totally scared, I just don't know what to think or what to do! I have to go and see an internal medicine doctor before we try again to rule out any blood clotting disorders genetic issues.

I have my fingers crossed that I can get in in the next month or 2 but don't know how long these test takes and such! I too am hoping that liamsmom will see this and post as well. If you happen to see this Liamsmom, how long did the clotting and genetic tests take?? Also, have you had another pregnancy and how did it go?

Michelle, I hope that you have found some answers out and are able to get pregnant soon and some what enjoy it, as we both know the luxury of ever having a blissful pregnancy ever again has been robbed from us when our babies were taken.

I hope to hear from you both!

Take care!
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