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Pins and needles in back and arm

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For the past three months, I notice that my back is extremely sensitive to heat. My back will warm up very quickly to a temperature that resembles a fever while the rest of my body remains at regular body temperature. All it takes is being in a warm room, having an extra layer of clothes on, having the heat turned on normal settings in the car or feeling flustered or embarrased.

I get this sharp and painful and quick pins and needle sensation across random locations all over my back, my underarms, and the back of my upper legs. The sensation is quick but painful and sometimes my arm or leg twitches to the sensation involuntarily. It honestly feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly with needles all over the place. The sensation will not stop until I manage to lower the temperature in my back either by taking a cold shower or using a cold pack.

I've talked to my family physician about it, and we've run tests but my blood test has come normal. The doctor attributed the pin and needles to my body's natural reaction to heat although this is not my regular reaction. I receive this sensation at least two times a day, and it keeps me up at night. I cannot take a warm shower without feeling discomfort. It is becoming more frequent and more painful. Since my doctor obviously has no answer to my condition, I'll like to have as many expert opinions as possible to my condition and what I can do to fix it,
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replied March 4th, 2008
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Hello Toshina,

I say BULL to your family physician. The "pins and needles" in my non-medical opinion is NOT your "body's natural reaction to heat". A question if I may - to what temperature do you have your heating pad set? Also, for how long do you use the heat treatment?

I am not an expert nor a doctor, however, PLEASE make an appointment with the very best neurologist/spinal surgeon that you can find in your area. Something is't right, and that "something not right" needs to be determined and dealt with.

I wish you the best.

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replied July 10th, 2008
site to check out pins needles
I am not a doctor either but maybe this site can shed some light on your problem..... sym/tingling.htm
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