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Pink Eye , laryngitis , Sinus Infection

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Around July 5th I had all the feelings of a Sinus Infection... pressure under my eyes, congestion. Ran and got some Mucinex D.

That day, and the next, one eye turned pink. Woke up with it crusted shut. An eye doctor friend hooked me up with some drops, it passed in 1 day.

I had laryngitis for 2 days, but might have been from a mix of this, not sleeping well, and a party weekend at the end of june.

I felt the sinus pressure had passed... so I stopped the Mucinex D after taking 3/4 of it. I have a swollen/sore throat for a week now, and a drip with constant swallowing action.

At night time... when I breath out, I cant help but cough from a drip? Im so confused because my lungs feel clear, and my nose too.

No signs of white bumps on my throat, but the back is swollen for sure, including those raised swollen circular areas in the back of the tongue. The sore throat seems to bother me the most.

I have no insurance, but made an appointment at a free walk in this Friday... but I want this gone now! Im guilty of not drinking enough fluids...and sometimes forgetting to eat properly (thanks to Adderall.) My sleeping is a mess, but Ive been getting 8 hours for a few days now.

Since I had my tonsils and adenoids removed in 2000, I have not been one prone to sickness.

THIS MORNING: started a Apple Cider Vinegar gargle, and Flonaise (previously prescribed.) I'm finishing up the Mucinex D.... might even do a saline flush today.

Suggestions PLEASE!!!!
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