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Pink creamy discharge and dizziness

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Almost all women worry about the pain of childbirth. Preparing for childbirth includes thinking about how you'd like to cope with the pain of labor. Read on for... I felt dizzy a while ago took a hpt came back faintly positive and went to the doc right away for a blood test, it came back positive for pregnancy...around week 4 when I should have gotten my menses I experienced bleeding. Not light, but not heavy as normal. I took another hpt and it then was negative. Called to speak with doc and she was on vacation, (this was last thursday), and the lady I spoke with just told me to take it easy and it sounds as if I had lost the pregnancy. The bleeding started on wednesday and had completely stopped by sunday. Now I'm having light pink creamy discharge when I wipe. (to me even speaking of this is gross...but I need opinions!) Anyway, I've noticed this everyday since Sunday (5 days now..) It started out brownish and is now super light pink & creamy. Starting yesterday I began to experience what feels as if I have someone sitting on my chest, almost like I'm going to panic. (Like I'm standing in front of a room full of people about to give a speech or something) I've been continuing to have slight dizzy spells/lightheadedness, but nothing too major and headaches almost everyday. Anybody else ever experience such a thing?
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