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Pink blood and tingly fingers

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Hi, I have noticed that i have had tingly or almost numb fingertips the last few days. i work all day on a computer, but havnt noticed this until now..
And today, i noticed what I thought was red pen all over my hands (as it was slightly pink like how pen smudges), then realised this wasnt possible as i only use blue or black pens in my job. Then realised i had a small cut on my hand, where the blood was leaking from.
It was PINK!!
Was very surprised!

There are a few other things which may or maynot be associated with it.
i noticed a few months ago, that the middle finger on my right hand seemed to be geting these little blister/sores. this got itchy, then saw, then seeped water, then fell off, and i was left with peeling skin. Some people told me this could be ezecema or Dermitits?

And, last thing, I have just given up drinking Diet coke, which I have been very addicted to for years...This has reduced my overall appetite and dont crave sweet food soo much now..

And, It was noted I seemed to have a black ring around my neck tonight, sort of like when u get black undereye shadows, i had one around my neck/throat where my necklace lays. I have never had this before..

Any ideas would be great.

Feeling slightly abnormal right now!!


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