A few months back I got a sharp shooting pain in my head and was under a lot of stress, soon after I started to get pin pricking sensations all over my body. I had this pin pricking for about a week but it went away so I didnt bother to get it checked out. But a few days ago I was watching tv and got a sharp pain in head and have been having very mild shooting pains in my head. Ive got slight tension in my neck but I'm not stressed at all and I have had some very mild pin pricking too. could this be a trapped nerve or are these symptoms of something more worrying. If it carrys on I will go to the doctors.
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replied January 5th, 2009
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If your muscles are tight that will put pressure on your nerves which can result in what you feel.

A gentle massage may be in order.

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replied March 22nd, 2009
Did u get a response to ur question, did u meet the doctor ?
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replied September 15th, 2009
pin pricking pain
Please iam a nursing student in cuttington university in liberia and having pin pricking pain in the head[80%] and back{30%] which can embrasse me sometime.i have gone to hospital and the doctor pescribed i should buy duloneurobion.
Which choice of drugs can i use and what is the name of this condition.
Mr adeyemi
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