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pimple like bumps on vagina from chlamydia ?

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okay i have a series of little bumps on the outside of my vagina around the outsdie and on the inner lips.... went to the ER the other day and he said it could be from shaving or could be warts?? i stopped shaving for a few days and insted of getting better the bumps are spreading and getting bigger.. i was dignosised with chlamydia a few days ago. i am just wondering if the pimple like bumps all over are from the chlamydia or not???? what should i do???
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replied July 8th, 2009
i m sorry you have to experience that. i m mad at the doctor that told you it's either one or the other. i wouldve told him to bring someone in who knows the difference between razor bumps and gential warts.
all i can do is email you some pictures and you can see if it looks like what you have.
do you have insurance to see a primary doctor? you should make an appointment with him to be sure, and if you do you have to find out all the information you can about it.
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