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Pimple like bumps on upper arms that itch.

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I have been developing pimple like bumps on my upper arms and shoulders that do itch. If I scratch them, they open up but there is no puss or fluid in them, its as if they are dry or filled with air. They do bleed sometimes if I scratch too much, and get irritated, sometimes they hurt/burn if I scratch aggressively I have psoriasis and eczema on my scalp, feet and hands, but this isn't anything similar to what that looks like. I do notice that if I shower with a loofa, it seems to get better. But if I use a creamy lotion or a bronzer, it gets worse.

I know that I don't drink very much water and I live in Arizona where its dry and hot. Could lack of water lead to dry skin that clogs pores?

My skin is dull and dry so it itches, but that has been a problem I've had for years, yet these bumps are relatively new.
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replied June 23rd, 2011
I've had similar bumps practically all my life, though they did not start itching until recently. It's sounds like you have folliculitis, inflammation if the hair follicles. The more lotion you put on them, the more they remain clogged. Try using a salicylic acid-cleanser on them ( as you would use an "acne cleNser" fir your face. But dint clog those upper arm follicles with a bunching cream. I just tend to avoid the area when I apply lotion. And I use the Target brand acne cleanser on it every other day. Don't overdo it or it'll get worse too!
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