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Pimple-like bumps on back with white and brown seeds insid

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I saw some tiny pimples on my back, which I never break out on the left side of my back. It was a cluster of maybe 7 small pimplelike bumbs. I squeezed on of them and a hard seed like thing came out. I started freaking out, so I squeezed another one, same thing. They don't hurt or itch or burn or even bother me, I just so happened to look at my back in the mirror before going to bed two nights ago and saw them. Since then I've been feeling gross and can't figure out what it is. Today at work I felt 4 more on the right side of my back, I squeezed one but this time it was a small hard brownish tiny skinny seed like thing, I'm freaked out, feel gross and don't have time to go to the dr til Monday, what does this sound like to you?
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