Ok, am going to share my experience. I 've got this too, it look like this:
www.softdental.com/articles/dental_abscess .jpg

i dunO if this is abscess or not. 'v had it for sum years now. i had a bad tooth, pain often. had it treated "Plomb". however, often it would fell down n the unbearable pain would come back. i had that pimple right under the affected tooth(lower left molar). The dentist told me it's nothing & gave me some pills n said if it persists we'll see what the matter is.

I changed dentist. i dunO what this one did. i think it was a rct or somthing as many people are talking about this. the pimple disappeared. but would appear again but rarely. after a year, it starts to appear more often again, daily.. i used to pop it everytime it was filled up with puss..

Fearing the unbearable pain again, i went to the dentist today. The dentist said the root is ok,
prob is the bone, which got affected, where the piple usually arise. the bone is damaged a little. the dentist had my mouth was numb, i could feel anything, the dentist cleaned it or something. i have a rendez vous in 2 weeks. dentist prescribed 2 medics, 1 for the pain and one antibiotic. after 1 hour, my mouth is still numb. i dunO what will happen after the numb is over. I am always afraid of the unknown..

Is someone has had something similar, please share. Thank-you.
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replied July 15th, 2009
Horrible english dude
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