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Hi there,
I am 19 years old. I had my first cyst removed in October 2009, In June 2011, I had another one removed. In September 2011, I found another cyst near my rectum. everytime I get these cysts they become infected is there a way for a doctor to cure this? Is there a surgery to cure this all together? I can't afford to have surgery every couple months. I would have to drop out of school and probably get fired from work. I NEED some answers. I am willing to have a very invasive surgery if that means, I would no longer have any more problems. Please help!
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replied October 16th, 2011
I really feel your pain. My son had his PC operated on about 3 years ago (age 16). It was invasive, cut from about 2 inches above the butt crack down another 3 inches. Ran about 4 inches deep. We've had a couple of scares since then, but the cysts were only on the surface. If you haven't already done so, check out this website

You'll find great info and a lot of support. Wish you all the best!
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replied November 4th, 2011
Got the same problem. From what I understand they have to get the nuclease or it comes back. I'm 53 and had 2 removals till I found a Dr when I was 43 that injected a radio active dye into the cyst. The nuclease is a smart little thing and moves out of danger. Next week the Dr. put a fine needle in me and slowly went to the shining nuclease and suddenly sucked it out. They warned me, I would get sick if they got it as if I had broken a bone. Boy did I, but it was a good thing. That's how they knew they got it. They drained about a gallon of that gray stinky yucky fluid out on me. It hasn't come back since they got the nuclease.

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replied December 27th, 2012
So happy to hear a successful story. Just a few questions for you.... what kind of Dr/Surgeon/specialist performed this type of procedure?? Do you mind recommending them? and what was a price range for the surgery?? Also what was your recovery time like? Did you have a very large wound afterwards or was it a fairly small incision.
Any answers to your success story would be very helpful.

Thanks so much!
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