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Pilonidal Cyst Questions..

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Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I'm guessing this would be the best section since its around the tail bone..

Anyways I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst about a year and a half ago, It began as a mild pain while sitting with no swelling and progressed to an extremely swollen (felt like I was sitting on a tennis ball) and extremely painful state within a couple of weeks. I went to my doctor multiple times.

The first time, I was just examined and he had confirmed it was a Pilonidal cyst and just prescribed a 10 day supply of antibiotics which truly did nothing for me. After the first visit, the pain only got worse and more swollen. After about 3 or 4 days of being in complete agony. I decided to go back, This time the doctor decided to lance it. After the lancing, I was nearly 100% pain free, the only thing that was bothersome was the swelling, which went away completely after a week.

I had gone for a follow up exam to schedule surgery, but me being my dumb young self I decided, "Oh well, its been a month now and I'm pain free why would I want surgery"... Well that was a mistake.. now a year and a half later it returns.. But this time its different.. A few days ago I began to feel swelling in the same area, which was weird because last time pain came WAY before swelling, nearly a week before to be exact.

I've had swelling now since probably Monday or so? It's become progressively worse everyday, more and more swollen. But the pain just isn't there that I had endured last time. I once again immediately made a doctors appointment and had a talk with him yesterday. Now this isn't the same doctor as last time. Once I was examined, he confirmed that it was a Pilonidal cyst and said that there was nothing to drain as of yet.

Thats what has me confused, If I'm feeling swelling, that must mean that an abcess has formed meaning there must be something to drain right? Why else would it be swollen. I've been taking the antibiotics as prescribed, only since yesterday though. But I already know that they won't do a single thing, just like they did nothing for the cyst last time.

My first question is, Why would my doctor say there is nothing to drain, even though I told him that I feel swelling there, and its definitely slowly swelling as time goes on.

And my second question is, where is the pain? Last time I could barley sit without cringing in pain. This time it just feels like Im sitting on a golf ball (because of the swelling) but the pain is minimal to none, literally on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain is a 1, maybe a 2. This is nothing like last time..
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replied December 22nd, 2010
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Hi AR1990....These can be more than difficult to get rid of...They embed deep in the cleft of your buttocks...My best advice is to keep the area clean...When it gets sore than get a clean wash rag and run it under hot water....Rinse out the rag and insert it in the area where this cyst is...Do it over and keep the rag very warm...This and a sitz bath will help...Surgery does not always help and I believe your best chance of finding relief is this way...Hope it eases up...Take care...

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