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Pill taken 2 hrs late. what is the exact window for a pill?

Hi! I have been on alesse 28 for almost 2 years now, I am extremely paranoid about taking my pill at the same time everyday. I usually take my pill at 10:15, however today I woke up and completely forgot to take it until around 12:10. I did have sex yesterday too. Right after I remembered I did take the pill. I was wondering if I am safe from yesterday and if I am still protected or if it would be wise to use other protection for a week. Also I've always fully wondered what is the exact window for a pill to still be completely effective.
Thanks you in advance!
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replied June 5th, 2013
You should be perfectly fine. You generally have an 8 hour window gap to take your pill. If you miss a pill one day take both pills at the same time the next day you may want to use back up. But unless you are constantly missing pills and having to double up, which I assume you aren't because you said you are paranoid. (I am the same way) Then you should be okay! I have honestly forgotten to take mine, which I take at 11am until midnight that day and I was alright (I actually stopped foreplay to take my pill, so romantic). We do use the pull out method. But for the most part your body isn't going to over react within a two hour window. If your period doesn't come or you are still concerned take a pregnancy test for peace of mind.
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