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Pill makes me psycho and Nuvaring kills my sex drive. Options?

Almost two years ago, I started taking the pill (Junel FE1/120, or something like that). At first it was everything I wanted.

Every month on the first day of my period, I would get really sick. I would get nauseous and dizzy and everything hurt so badly that I couldn't get out of bed most months. Junel fixed that. Those problems went away immediately.

Then came new problems. Junel made me crazy. My blood pressure and heart rate were always really high and I would have panic attacks at little to no provocation. I couldn't function. I cried all the time, and I got really depressed. I started doing really poorly in school and couldn't handle daily life.

Last June, I switched over to Nuvaring. Craziness gone! But so is my libido. I never want to have sex anymore, and what's the fun of being on BC if you never are in the mood? All I've gained from Nuvaring is 30 lbs.

Does anyone know of any better options that won't make me crazy, but might not kill my sex drive?
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replied March 25th, 2014
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I use Paragard which is a T shaped device inserted into the uterus. It's non hormonal and lasts 5-10 years.You don't need to take it everyday, pack it if going on holiday, put in prescriptions every few months.

Because its non hormonal you don't get all the side effects you do with hormonal birth control.

Paragard may make your periods heavier, longer and slightly more painful but that usually settles within 6 months.

There is also Mirena. It is pretty much the same as paragard the only difference is, it contains a very low dose of hormones.
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