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Piece of skin protruding from vagina

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About 2 years ago I was raped, and needed stitches. I didn't have intercourse at all until maybe 4 months later. I was still technically a virgin and right when we tried to, I felt a dull pain on the inside of my vagina, it felt like his penis poked something and it caused something to mess up. Then I started bleeding profusely. it was horrible. I was bleeding non stop for hours until finally at home I passed out. Had white lips and white fingernails. My parents called 911 because I was so bad. Right when I passed out the bleeding stopped. It was weird. That next day I felt fine. I guess my body saved itself from fatal blood loss. After that happened I got this fleshy pink-colored tongue-looking piece of skin hanging out from the inside of my vagina. Its not painful at all, and its not really bothering me. i'm just curious to know what it is. After sex it tends to stick out more until I have sex again, and I guess that fixes it or something. No pain during intercourse at all, and no pain from it at all. It hasn't gotten any lower so I know its not a prolapse, its never bled or anything. It just looks ugly. Anyone know what it could be? A piece of my hymen maybe?
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replied February 28th, 2010
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Hi CMHcurious..firstly sorry to hear about your traumatic experience, i hope you had the love and support you needed..secondly I was thinking that it could be a piece of your hymen that has, instead of going inside has come outside..when you have had sex..if it is not painful then you shouldnt worry to much but if it is making you feel insecure when having sex then i would speak to your doctor about what you can do..good luck...Jenny
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