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Physical Therapy for lower back pain

I have had good results to date from physical therapy and then continuing the exercise program at home. I have good days and better days. I don't see many positive comments on recovering from back pain caused by a disk bulge or herniated disk so I wanted to offer some hope. I hurt my back last September and finally went to the doctor in December. I had pain in my back and down the front of my right leg from a herniated disk. Physical Therapy has helped to strengthen the muscles in my stomach and back to help relieve pressure on my spine.


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replied May 29th, 2009
welcome to the forum. thanks for your input on physical therapy.I had it three times and never helped my L5/s1 disc prolapse but i think they waited to long and before i had mri scan done also put me through it too quick. im into my 3rd year now and on fentanyl through pain management so been told im longterm chronic pain sufferer. tens never helped either. Your post will help other new beginners on the forum looking for any advise as thats how i started out.
so pleased it out worked out well for you long may it last.
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replied July 7th, 2009
I've lower back pain.Will PT halp?
Hi. You r lucky,bcoz not all patients get enough relief with PT. Well..i too suffer a lower backache often bcoz the kind of job i've.I'm a cardiac sonographer & bcoz i'm not very tall i've difficulty scanning obase patients.And i strech myself extra to reach the scanning site..and my back is extended too & is always under pressure.What kind of daily exercises will help me?I felt better with PT,BUT ONCE I COMPLETED THE COURSE & RESUMED MY WORK..ITS ALL THE SAME AGAIN.And i cannot afford time to keep on taking PT again & again(they basically gave me heat therapy & also asked me to do some flefion ext exc)
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