Since January of this year, I have been having problems with photophobia (excessive sensitivity to sunlight and/or well-lit places). This all started when I began taking Zoloft and Invega. I had digestive problems so I quit Invega and took the Zoloft only, but the photophobia continued. I quit medicine altogether for about two weeks, and the photophobia was still there but significantly better. Then I recently started taking Invega again, controlled release 3mg a day, now on day 5 and the photophobia's come back even worse and with a headache. I would figure it's the medicine only, except that tendencies to photophobia continued when on no prescriptions. I have a strong case of OCD and moderate bipolar, so I need some form of medication, otherwise I get crippling anxiety. Does this sound like medicine, something else, or a mix? If it sounds like medicine, does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for OCD and bipolar that doesn't cause photophobia and reasonably easy on the digestive system? I'm also wondering if anyone took Invega and the photophobia went away, in case this is the medicine and not from another source. Thanks in advance!
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replied April 2nd, 2011
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