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How exactly is phlebitis diagnosed?
I am a 39 yo female who works in a smoke filled environment, and stands on my feet for the duration of my 8 hour shift.
I have always had leg pain, mostly in the form of "Charley Horse" cramps in my calves but this one is different.
I can feel a chick pea sized lump in my left calf that is very sore to the touch. It does not itch and is not red. I am not running a fever.
This problem surfaced after getting a massage three weeks ago. My legs were aching after doing a ton of walking on vacation and thought a massasge would alleviate the pain. I was severely bruised in this area (calf) afterwards as the masseuse felt the lump and worked on this spot for quite some time.
I do take oral contraceptives so combined with my age, the lump is in my LEFT calf,and that my working environment (secondhand smoke)is less than desireable, I am concerned.

Is there any difinitive test to determine or dismiss this as phlebitis?

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