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Phimosis treatments

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Firstly, I have phimosis my entire life, and i am 19 years old by the way.

1. I have been doing stretching for my phimosis penis for the past 2 days but it doesn't seems to help, or is it too fast to tell the results? Like 2 days ago, It can still be stretched until it exposes the top of my dickhead, which is all i could stretched before feeling pain.

2. When i pull my foreskin away from my body and stretch it laterally, i notice that part of my inner foreskin is connected to my glands of my penis, and that connecting part forms a lump at my foreskin. I think that is preventing me from pulling my foreskin all the way down.. Is that how phimosis works?

3. Whenever i release the strecthing of my foreskin, the foreskin tends to automatically goes back to its original state (covered up the entire hole). Is that normal?

Needs this to be answered please, thank you in advance.
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replied August 12th, 2008
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is key

1. You did this for 2 days, tell me this sir, other then steroids or other external stimuli, do you know of anything involving changing and shaping your body through work, occurring in the span of a mere few days?

Stretching the foreskin, even done properly, can take time in the form of weeks even, your foreskin may be much tighter then others who have phimosis, considering that you are 19, this may be more severe then lets say a 10 year old. Not to frighten you, but keep in mind that not every person with phimosis can cure themselves with the self applied stretching techniques. Some will have to go to the doctor for creams, or surgery.

2. I forgot what it was called -_- I'll let you know as soon as I find out what the connective tissue is named.

3. Yes, this is expected considering that you have foreskin, I don't think you would want it to just stay where you last left it =P.
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replied August 12th, 2008
Thanks for the reply.

I have never retracted my penis foreskin my entire life before.
Apparently, i tried to retract my foreskin a few hours ago and it goes ALL THE WAY past the glans after several pull. I do not feel any pain, just some stretched skin feeling.

THEN, the skin gets stuck below the glans AND i panic-ed!

I tried pulling the skin back up but to no avail. Finally, i try one last hard pull and LUCKILY, it goes back to its original position. I also notice some white spots below my glans, i wanted to clean it but it is TOO damm sensitive. Sad any tips on why the skin didn't go back to normal THAT easily?

So do i still have phimosis?
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