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Petechiae and various other symptoms

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I am a seventeen year old male who is both tall and a healthy size - not overweight but not underweight either. For a good while, possibly almost two years now although certainly over a year and a half, I have had various symptoms that haven't seemed to improve but they haven't got worse either.

Firstly, I am not the most active of people and I admittingly spend much of my time sitting down on a computer, although I hope to become much more active through a few lifestyle changes. For almost two years, my lifestyle has centered around sitting down for almost all of the day, although that doesn't mean I am not perfectly able to walk all day as I do when I get the chance. Secondly, my diet has always been basic food as I am a fussy eater and since the beginning of this year, I have made sure I am getting my 5 a day or more, something I wouldn't really do beforehand. I don't feel my diet is poor in any way but beforehand it was certainly a lack of healthy food and more of crisps and junk food snacks.

A list of my symptoms are as follows:
Strange feeling when you touch a certain patch of skin - usually one patch each time on arms, legs hands or back, often disappears after a while (usually within 24 hours) occurs every now and then
Coughing up mucus straight-away every morning, mostly clear but also with some specs of yellow coloured mucus cannot avoid coughing it up as the feeling to do so is there (can also cough up mucus during the day although not as much) Any mucus after the morning cough up will be perfectly clear
A related symptom to previous symptom is sometimes consistent sneezing in the morning lasts for a minute
Sometimes there is a feeling of mucus in the back of throat during the day that won't disappear whether I have a drink or swallow
Aching that randomly flares up for no apparent reason, usually within feet and ankles - doesn't always happen but can do every few days
Pain on top of feet sometimes, similar to aching symptom but a slightly different feeling
Petechiae on feet and ankles, dont seem to disappear and a couple more newer ones will appear overtime although only one or two every so often - they don't seem to be getting worse
Possibly slight fatigue - I can easily jog/run and do more active activities without a problem
Sometimes the need to frequently urinate - mainly after just going toilet, the feeling of needing to go again can occur unless I take my mind off it
Sometimes feet can often be particularly cold compared to rest of body, even with socks - more noticeable in evening

Two other little issues I have are
Small inguinal hernia below stomach on left side
Eczema on both hands (mainly on right)

The eczema is being treated with prescribed cream whilst the hernia will be repaired via surgery at some point in the future. The hernia at this age may prove my body should be much more active.

Now about the doctors I've already seen - mainly related to the petechiae although I did mention the other symptoms:

After seeing a doctor in my local surgery, he suggested a blood test to look for the usual counts but particularly a low platelet count. This test came back with normal results apart from a high blood cell count. A repeated blood test showed everything normal as I believe the high white cell count was down to a slight cold at the time of the first test. During the second blood test, the nurse advised me to still see my GP if the results come back fine.

Seeing the second doctor of the surgery, he suggested to check for vasculitis/an auto-immune disorder and said that if the results came back fine then the petechiae is not really anything to worry about. The blood test taken was also for another normal count. The standard count came back perfectly normal whilst the vasculitis test came back clear as well.

I have another standard count blood test due for the beginning of August.

Also beforehand, I did have had a full STD test which came back completely clear - not that I expected it to be anything to do with sex - for reference though, I have had only one partner in a long term relationship (so I'm under a low risk anyway). The test was done over a half a year after last related encounter.

Understandably, I am rather concerned about my symptoms and often stress myself out over them. I don't feel unwell but when some of the symptoms strike I don't have any idea why. I haven't found any particular link between them or when they are worse. I believe the mucus may be an allergy. I went on a short weekend break at the beginning of April and upon waking up in the bed and breakfast, I did not cough up any mucus whatsoever.

If there is any advice or ideas about these problems it would be greatly appreciated. I understand a more active lifestyle is probably the most important thing and I will certainly work on this in the meantime.

Many thanks in advance
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