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Persistent NSU

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So after having unprotected sex back in Jan with a friend, i went for a check up a few weeks later after i noticed slight burning aftr unrination. ( I have not had any sex since then)

Tests were clear for everything but positve for NSU.
Single 1g dose of Azithromycin was given.

About 2weeks later I had noticed that the symptoms had come back with a vengence. Penile discharge in the morning, more painful burning after urination, so went back to clininc.
Tested positive again for NSU and so they gave me 1week of Doxy.
Symptoms cleared up, but 1/2weeks later, noticed the discharge had come back and very slight burning.

Returned AGAIN. Tested positive for NSU AGAIN. They said the last meds were very strong and should have got rid of it, but they tried me on a combination of Azithro and Metronidazole for a week.

I finished this course last week and the symtpms didnt really go away, so i am gonna book another appointment, but i dont really wanna take another course of antibiotics as Iv heard prolonged antibiotics can get rid of your good bacteria and actually exacabate the problem.

I have snooped around on line and have read about persistent NSU and it can come back, but will eventualy go away with the correct treatment.

I begining to think they dont really know what theyre doing down at the clinic!!! and I really dunno what to do anymore.

Im worried coz it says if it goes untreated it can affect your fertility. Plus if you pass it on to your partner it can effect her fertility too!!
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replied May 23rd, 2010
Hakunah I have had exactly the same run of events and am currently on a duel course of anti-biotics! No sign of any clear up and even if it has cleared up a single piece of sexual activity would bring it straight back! I was told to leave myself alone for 2 whole weeks which I somehow managed by the way only for it to return two days after D day!! Is there anyone on hear who can help further as this problem is holding me back meeting anyone new as how do u explain a dischage coming out of ur penis to a new partner even if it doesn't/can't be passed on!!! Help!!
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replied May 24th, 2010
I hear ya brother.
Since my last post I have been back to the clinic twice.
The Doc informed me that the infection had moved further up my tubes and I now have epididymitis.
I dont really have discharge anymore, but I get a dull ache in my balls and lower abdomen everynow and then. Nothing excrutiating, but present enough to know that something aint right.

Anyway, the doc gave me 2weeks of antibiotics for it. It didnt shift it, so he had just given me another two weeks. Its getting ridiculous. He said that its quite a hard area of the body to get to and so may take two or three treatments!!!

I have started to suppliment the treatment with some homeopathic remedies, but its a little too early to tell if this is being effective.
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replied May 24th, 2010
I totally agree mate! More so one clinic told me that they couldn't do anything for me! Which was great to hear!!!!
I'm on my fourth course of anti-bods which I am not happy about continually taking anyhow! I'm on a two week course now but am still suffering discharge 4 days into the course, ?? Thanks for ur comments fellor, I will put them to my doc and my "new" clinic, keep me posted on ur progress and I will do likewise,,,
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