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permanent dizziness in the eyes and the head

Hi guys. I'm 28 years old, writing you from eastern europe.
I will try to be short in my post but there is a lot for explanation. I get in this foreign forum, because I wasn't able to find help in my country. Perhaps here I will meet some one with same or close to mine symptoms.
So, back in december 2011 I had a surgery on my schoulder. I was under full anestesia for about two and a half hours. Everything went good I was told and I was discharget on the next day. After 7 days on my way back to the hospital for bandage changing and consultation I exeprienced something awfull. All my body from my waist up thingled and ragided. I thought I'm having some kind of stroke and I was so scared for my life. I couldn't move my hands and coludn't talk properly. That was for about 5-6 mins and when I arrived in the hospital the doc told me, it's some kind of nervous breakdown due to the operation and it's far away from dangerous etc. They gave me valeriane and I was ok. Then I wasn't able to sleep at all for 5 days then I started to normalize my sleep. During that period I felt really terrible, non stop discmofort and dizziness in the head, I was scaried and conserned for my healt. I thought something went wrong with the anestesia or during operation. Then I went to a psychiatrist. He assured me everything's gonna be ok and prescribed me antidepresants and consultation with psychologist. I was taking the meds for about 3 weeks, there were no effects, so I decided to stop and handle with that by myself. There was one very short period of 2 weeks when I was feeling better but then again the symptoms occured. Since then I feel that way. I feel like I have something between my eyebrows, something heavy, making me looking down, and feel discomfortable when I rise my head. In the same moment I feel dificulties when I'm sitting on my PC, watching TV or reading something, because I feel really bad in my eyes. I can't read slowly something. I jump from word to word. It's something like hangover, but not exactly. And I'm living with it every minute.
I went to almost all kind of doctors, who tell me phisicaly I'm absolutely healthy. My examinations are good(blood, hormons, etc.) and everyone tell me to calm down, it's temporary condition, which will fly away the same way it occured. But damn, it's almost 3 years. I can't live anymore like that. I tried whatnot: diet, sport, walks in the forest, yoga, meditation, homeopaty... and noting influence my condition Sad Now I'm thinking of going to acupuncturist.
So guys, any kind of advise and help will be very useful for me. I hope deep in my heart that there is someone who experienced something similar and already gone throught it, will read my post and will give me advice. I'm really despred. I am loosing the light in the tunnel, and that scares me.
Thanks for reading the post, and best of luck and health to everyone
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replied August 4th, 2013
Acupuncturist is a very good solution, its literally an imbalance in your Liver organ. It will take a minimum of 3 sessions.
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replied August 7th, 2013
Hi Chabam999,
Thanks for your answer. What make you think it's the liver?
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