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Permanent brain damage from antipsychotic/neuroleptic?

I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia last year and was forced under the Mental Health Act in Canada to take Invega Sustenna at 100mg a month via injection for 10 months. A week or so after my first injection I began to develop severe anhedonia that only gotten worse over time. My doctor finally took me off it and it has been three months and a half since my last injection. I have yet to feel any improvements. My current condition is as followed:

- Inability to experience pleasure, joy, happiness, sadness, or any type of emotions.
- No appetite and never feel hungry anymore. Can go for days without food and when I do eat it tastes bland.
- No motivation, willpower, or desire to do anything. I spend all day in bed or pace around my apartment.
- Substances that used to give pleasure all have stopped working, i.e., cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc.
- Constantly feeling restless, despair, uneasy, and extreme boredom. Nothing I do can change this.
- Cannot formulate complex thoughts. Difficulty reading and writing.
- Memory problems. Both short term and long term
- Zero sex drive.
- Music sounds flat.
- Difficulty finding things to say in a conversation. I feel mentally incapable of holding a conversation.
- Difficulty planning things for the future.

Please, don't try to convince me that neuroleptic drugs do not cause anhedonia.

"Emotional-blunting is de-motivating because drive comes from the ability subjectively to experience in the here-and-now the anticipated pleasure deriving from cognitively-modeled future accomplishments [2]. An emotionally-blunted individual therefore lacks current emotional rewards for planned future activity, including future social interactions, hence ‘cannot be bothered’.
Demotivation is therefore simply the undesired other side of the coin from the desired therapeutic effect of neuroleptics. Neuroleptic ‘tranquillization’ is precisely this state of indifference [8]. The ‘therapeutic’ effect of neuroleptics derives from indifference towards negative stimuli, such as fear-inducing mental contents (such as delusions or hallucinations); while anhedonia and lack of drive are predictable consequences of exactly this same state of indifference in relation to the positive things of life."

My question is if this would be permanent? Anyone recovered from neuroleptic induced anhedonia?
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replied August 10th, 2014
Brain Damage as well from the use of risperdal
I have the same problem. Was forced to take risperdal for almost a year and a half. I do not have any symptoms of schizophrenia. I have difficulties in all the same ways you do. I have no motivation whats so ever. I have trouble trying to plan for the future in anyway. Don't know if I could carry on a meaning conversation with anyone for to long. All things that once brought me pleasure no longer do. I find I have very little thinking for a matter of fact. I now have a terrible shake in my right arm that I didn't have before these drugs. I am quite certain these drugs have caused me brain damage. I can't even get up the gumption to call an attorney to sue the manufacturer. I'm not even the same person I was before these drugs. I have so much cognitive impairment it is not funny. I have been off of these drugs for about 3 months but am not finding a lot of recovery yet. And like you I pray for my poor brain to heal. At least I know I'm not causing more damage now. I know this might take years for my recovery from this and a year and a half is not that long to be taking medicine. These drugs should be outlawed and not prescribed under any circumstances.
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