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I got a number of colonics last year as part of colon cleansing that I wanted to do. I had never had a problem with constipation. And the colon hydrotherapist commented that I had had great peristalsis (the intestinal movement).

So I went on a very low carbohydrate diet late last year. I had some trouble maintaining the diet. I felt like I was getting some low blood sugar symptoms or something. Nausea, a few large stomach aches, lethargy etc. I felt terrible on the diet. I stuck with the diet for about 6 weeks and than I finally decided to add some fruit to my diet. Well I started having some constipation. I'm not sure exactly when this happened. I would poop every few days but my stools would be little hard balls and I might have a little more trouble than normal. I figured this was due to my diet and it would improve when I changed my diet.

Well that was over 9 months ago. Over the summer I started adding a lot of vegetables. About a month ago I started adding a lot of grains back into my diet. But I am still having some problems with constipation. At best my poops have cracks in them like balls pressed together. I have never had any problems with constipation and I think I have had a great digestion system. I am 31 years old. Well I went back to that colon hydro-therapist and she told me that my peristalsis is very weak now. So I have had chronic constipation for a good 9 months and I'm trying to figure out how to cure it and what caused the slow down of peristalsis.

I think that I eat more than enough fiber, drink enough pure water, and exercise enough. I have had some problems with anxiety and depression when I was a teenager, and I still have reduced problems with them. So I think maybe I damaged my intestinal nerves with the extreme diet. Or maybe I changed my gut chemistry and somehow I have less serotonin which slowed down my peristalsis.

I think my colon is pretty well cleared out since I had the colonic and the feces that came out was soft and the water got all the way down to my small intestine opening. Well I would like any advice you guys have on what I can do to improve my peristalsis. And any idea on what happened that slowed down my peristalsis. Thanks.

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