I have been struggling with peripheral neuropathy since giving birth in October 2012. My legs and arms are extremely weak with numbness/tingling in the hands and feet and sometimes face. I constantly feel like I do after I've overexercised, only worse. My feet constantly ache as if I just ran a marathon in stilettos, and I recently started to get muscle twitches everywhere, especially in the lower legs and feet, which makes it very difficult to sleep. I constantly have the urge to stretch or massage my muscles. I also have lower back pain and headaches, and sometimes burning or deep cold sensations in my body.
Here is a bit of history:
Prior to pregnancy, I was a very active runner and vegetarian with intermittent sciatica.
During pregnancy, I was on the antibiotic Macrobid almost the entire pregnancy due to recurring UTIs. I took a daily prenatal vitamin and was almost completely sedentary for the last three months because of preterm contractions. Just before giving birth, I came down with the flu and had a fever for a few days, although it subsided by the time I was induced. I gave birth vaginally with epidural after 21 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing on 10/26/2012 - induced with Pitocin and given intravenous antibiotic for Group B Strep.
After delivery, I was given the Dtap vaccine.
On Oct. 30th, I went to the ER because of extreme weakness/tingling/numbness in legs and feet. The doctor ordered a lumbar MRI, which came back normal, and told me to come back if symptoms get worse. On Nov. 1st, I returned to the ER in the middle of night because weakness/numbness spread to arms and hands. I was immediately referred to a neurologist. The neurologist gave me a physical exam and determined that my strength and balance were fine, and dismissed my symptoms as postpartum depression, which was hard for me to believe given my symptoms. He ordered a brain and cervical MRI to rule out MS. Both came back normal. I also saw my primary care doctor, who ordered blood tests to check my B12 level and TSH level, which came back clear. I went to a second neurologist in December, who gave me the same physical exam as the first one, deemed my strength and balance fine, and ordered two blood tests: the ANA reflex w/ titer, and rheumatoid factor to check for autoimmune problems. The results of these tests are still pending.
It's been over two months, and I have a feeling that I will not get a diagnosis for my symptoms until they progress even more and it's too late to do much about them. I'm terrified that I'm slowly going paralyzed, and I feel awful since I can't fully enjoy my baby with my health the way it is. Any suggestions of what more I can do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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replied March 10th, 2013
Hi there! Your symptoms sound a lt like mine except that I was six months postpartum before developing major issues. It looks like your post is as bit dated. Have you had any luck with a diagnosis? Would be happy to share my experience as well! Right now, I am on lyrica and Xanax for excruciating nerve and muscle pain Sad

Thanks so much!!
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