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Periods have returned after 5 years

I went into early Menopause due to 7 major surgeries. I used to be a professional runner and triathlete and in 2002 I broke my femur during training. The resulting disastrous surgery ended my career and resulted in 7 further major surgeries to rebreak my leg twice, etc. I'll spare you the gory details. Each surgery was long... 4 to 5 hours, involving considerable blood loss each time. Each time it took longer and longer for my periods to return. I was old my body had gone into some sort of shock as I could not run anymore. I had been training since age 5. My last surgery was several years ago and I accepted that I must have gone through Menopause. I never had ANY symptoms. Nothing. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with early osteopenia. I was extremely upset as I have always been monitored for bone density for the past 20 years (on the national squad in Germany, UK and Ireland) and there were never any issues (I always had regular period despite very low body weight (racing weight 47.5 kg). Two years ago I started to revive my career and returned to racing distances of 50 km. 2014 was a total write off as I had dormant Osteomyelitis for about a decade, and it became active again. Spent 8 months in IV anti-biotics, PICC line, etc. This year feeling good, relatively pain free, immune system strong, managed to rebuild muscle mass and regain weight, etc. Feeling great, training for a 7 dy race across the Andes. 2 months ago, bombshell. My periods are back, regular as clockwork, usual PMS, etc. Otherwise no symptoms, feeling great. Has anyone heard of anything similar? Is it possible I never went through menopause at all...just a hiatus due to all the surgeries and stress and depression?
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replied April 17th, 2015
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I would suspect that you were not truly menopausal in that the surgeries and all the trauma and changes in your lifestyle disrupted your cycles. It does happen.
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