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periods after ovary removal ?

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Hello all ~

I've been on before but I can't remembr if I ever posted a question or not. Well I have one now and I'm hoping that I can get some answers.....I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or if I should have posted it in the menopause board.

Short background....

I'm 35 and in 2007 hubby and I were expecting our first baby. I went in for my first preggo appt. At that appt my gyno found a mass on my right ovary and sent me to a womens hospital. At that hospital, I saw another gyno and also a ob/oncologist. They both looked at the mass and could not for 100% say that it wasn't cancerous so surgery was performed when I was 21 weeks pregnant. The surgery went well and baby survived. The dr told us that the mass consumed the ovary. So that day I had my last ovary removed. She told me that as soon as I delivered the baby that I would need to be on HRTs since I would be in surgical menopause immediately. Well, I delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl in December. My gyno told me that she wouldn't put me on HRTs until I was done giving the baby breast milk because the estrogen would dry me up. Well, four months ago I started getting periods. They are very regular and last 5 to 7 days and are like a normal period. I went to my OB/gyn and she told me that I should be in full menopause and that I should not be getting periods. She is sending me in for a vaginal ultrasound to see if there is any part of an ovary left. She told me that if they even left the smallest little piece of the ovary it will function as though it was of normal size. She didn't seemed concerned about the fact that I was getting periods to the point of something being wrong, she just wants to see if everything is gone that was supposed to be gone. She is said that if she can't find anything with the ultrasound, then she will send me in for an MRI. Of course I can't just let myself get my hopes up....(hubby and I want to have another baby and if I can do it without IVF/egg donor that would be better and cheaper) I am immediately thinking something is wrong and have put off making the appointment for the ultrasound. I'm such a chicken when it comes to anything dealing with my health.....I have a friend that her daughter is an OB/gyn, she too said that with what was described that she too thinks that there is a piece of an ovary left in there.

So, I guess my question is has anyone experienced anything like this? I know periods are supposed to stop when the ovaries are gone. What about the fallopian tube? If there is a piece of the ovary left but no fallopian tube, will I still get periods? (I'm not sure what the status is of the fallopian tube, no one can remember if she said anything about that. My guess would be that they removed it as well, but again I'm not sure. As far menopause symptoms, I haven't really had any. I had a couple of hot flashes and cold flashes but my doctor told me that those aren't uncommon when you are breastfeeding. I have had some irritable spells but those seem to be right around the time that I am getting my periods. This month I actually had a lot of the PMS symptoms and just a slight sensation of some cramps right before I got my period.

Well, I guess that is all, if anyone can give me any insight, please share your stories or advice. Thanks for any and all. Have a great day and God Bless.
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First Helper shannonbie

replied May 17th, 2009
periods after removal of ovaries
I, too have periods since having both ovaries removed 3 years apart. I had endometriosis and severe pain in lower back. I was told no more periods. But sure enough, 2 months later..There it was heavier than before and even longer. I cant even describe the pain. I went back to the doctor and he told me that this ovarian tissue is still there and now he will put me on the pill to stop all my periods. I hope this will work. There is a name for this but it is difficult to find it on the internet. I found it once and then lost the page.
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replied October 20th, 2009
Ovary remnant remaining and wanting to get pregnant.
I'm the OP and here with an update -- I'm still having regular periods. Went to gyne, she told me that I should not be having periods. Sent me for testing and MRI to see if there was a piece of an ovary left in there -- the blood work showed that I was in perimenopause and the MRI showed that no ovary remained. Went to a Fertility clinic to check on using an Egg Donor. This place gave us the run around and told me that even though I was having periods that since I was over weight and started having hot flashes that it was too late for me and she wouldn't even check me out. So after being treated this way, I proceded to go to the hospital that originally did my surgery when I was preggers. This place did another blood test -- which I'm still waiting those results. They also did a transvaginal ultrasound -- which showed a piece of the ovary still left. That is all I know, I go back in a week for the results e.g. the size, whether it's viable to produce eggs or not. And what my blood work results were. So, I'm wondering if there is any chance that this tiny piece of an ovary could produce a viable egg? Hubby and I would love to have just one more baby. Any information will be greatly appreciated and thanks.
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replied May 8th, 2012
Similar Situation - Need answers
I had a double oopherectomy about a month ago due to severe poly-cystic ovarian disease and endometriosis. They put me on the vivelle dot patch for about two weeks, and then switched me to an oral hormone replacement. It's been about 10 days since I started the oral medication and I've suddenly started to get a period. Rather, I should say, it's a full blown period to the extent of which I have never experienced before. I might be a bad example as I just recently had this procedure and I've only had about 5 normal (or at least they consisted of bleeding) periods in my entire life. I was extremely concerned because my doctor assured me that it is not normal to get any bleeding at all after both ovaries and fallopian tubes have been removed. In addition, he told me that I may experience some spotting, but nothing major. His response when I told him what was going on and how bad my period was, was that the hormones that I am on may be too high of a dosage for me. (I'm only 93 pounds and am taking .1 mg of a combined hormone and progesterone) When talking to my mother about this, (she is also a doctor) she feels that this is normal in the first two months and only to be concerned if it continues. Her explanation was slightly different though. She said that when they did the procedure, they may not have removed all of the endometriosis and my uterus may be attempting to shed what is left of it. Since my uterus is still in tact (at least for the most part minus a bio-film covering the left side where my ovary had attached itself firmly to the uterus and needed to be cut out) bleeding could still occur. I had hoped my problems were over, but I feel as though I should have had a total hysterectomy rather than just an oopherectomy. I don't necessarily have an answer as to why you are still having periods, but it could be related to existing endometriosis. This is something only your doctor can tell you though. I do not know if they found anything like this on you when they went in to remove your ovaries. I would like another doctor's opinion, or at least someone who has had a similar experience to mine to help me as well. I am very confused and don't understand how or why I am getting periods now when I never did before.
Reply if you have a legitimate response. Hope what I said helps.
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replied June 28th, 2015
Hi I had both tubes and ovaireies removed 2 and half year ago,I had just had a marina coil fitted prior to the op, so they left it in to help with the change, a few weeks after the op i started to bleed went back to see the doctor who could not understand why i was bleeding, so she sent me for a scan which did not show anything wrong,then every few month i would get a show nothing much but then decided to have the coil out, and now bleeding quite a lot, don't know if this is down to the removal of the coil or if it is a period, but have heavy cramps and back ache.and i am in my fifties so should be through the change by now.
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replied July 31st, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
in the fifties....I did not start the change until I was in my late 60's because I started my monthly when I was extremely young. I was told the younger that you start with the monthly the older you are when you change and that was correct for me. I would ask for a 2nd opinion.
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