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Periodontal infection or something more serious?

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About 7 months ago the right side of my bottom jaw suddenly began hurting horribly- believing this to be a wisdom tooth coming in I took some aspirin, left it alone, and the pain subsided in about a week. A wisdom tooth did indeed emerge, but the pain has been coming and going, usually accompanied by swelling on the bottom of my jaw and in the lymph node under my chin. Upon investigating the bottom of my jaw with my fingers during these "episodes", I found a lump. When my jaw and tooth (the molar immediately in front of incoming wisdom tooth) are hurting, this lump can become very large and swollen, but it usually runs its course from beginning to end in a week. When it is "dormant", there is only a small lump on the bone. Recently there has been pus leaking from the gum line on the mentioned tooth, and in the last week I was able to get a lot of pus to surface by tactfully pressuring the lump on the bottom of my jaw bone. Right now I am studying abroad without access to a familiar doctor/dentist. Before I left 5 months ago, I made an appointment with a dental surgeon, thinking my wisdom teeth would have to be removed because of the pain they were causing. He took x-rays and examined my mouth/felt my jaw, and told me I had plenty of room and nothing to worry about. I expressed my concerns about the swelling on my jaw and he brushed me off. He did, however, prescribe me a 5-day course of Azithromycin, adding that "if I did develop an infection", this would take care of it. In light of the yellowish bacterial pus erupting in my mouth recently, I started taking it yesterday. I have almost 3 whole months left abroad- i'm concerned that the antibiotics may make whatever this is worse if they are not the correct medicine to be combating it. As for my oral hygiene, it used to be not too good when I was younger, but i've been brushing twice a day and rinsing (even flossing sometimes!) for a while now. I'm concerned that this could be Actinomycosis or "lumpy jaw", though I don't have any surface lesions. Because these sorts of infections can have quite a serious impact on the health of all of my teeth/surrounding tissue and bone, naturally I am very concerned. Please help me, I do not have many options.
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replied February 4th, 2012
HI, i also ignored myself lol and the results are horrible. Ive had to get a partial metal denture for my bottom 4 teeth as they has actually come out of the jaw bone.
Id get a denetist who listens and talk to the staff at the desk about what you want. I seen 2 dentists a Orthodontist was the one who found me to have Chronic periodontitis, so i spent a HEAP to get no answers. Get answers beofre you have no teeth like me :'( Im 30 Sad(
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