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period while on tri-phasal pills

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Hello there, I would appriciate some advice Smile
I recently started taking some tri-phasal pills when I was previously on mono-phasal. I was a bit late taking a couple of pills the first or second week (not in a row but within the same week) and I started to have my period shortly thereafter. I am on my last week with the "light horemones" but I've pretty much already had a full period. So now I am nervous that if I take my full placebo week, I will ovulate during that time since I'm already in the period phase.

Am I just being paranoid or is that actually a possibility? I considered just skipping the placebo week but I've read thats not a good idea with tri-phasal pills.

Any advice?
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replied September 27th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Giggles, you are paying the price for not taking your pills at the same time every day. This is important. If your hormone level drops below a certain point, your body will think you reached the inactive pill week and start to bleed. This is withdrawal bleeding, not menstruation.

Just follow the pill pack and do not skip anything. If you took your pills as you should the last 7 days, you can have all the sex you want during your bleeding week without being worried.

Take care and remember to take those pills every single day at more or less the same day.
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replied September 28th, 2010
I know, I have an alarm set at the same time every day and I am usually great with it. I happened to forget a couple within the same week :'( and took them the next morning instead of at night like normal... within the first few months of starting the perscription, too! I know, that's bad. Sorry Sad

Thanks for the advice. So if I finish the pill pack (placebos and all), you're saying there's no risk of ovulation?
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