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period 2 weeks late on ortho tri cyclen lo

i've been on tri cyclen lo for the last 8 months now with absolutly no problems up until now. in the last month i had taken the pill regularly but i forgot on my 13th, and 14th day. However on the day 15 of my pill i had unprotected sex. And 3 days later i began to bleed very lightly for 3 days. I figured it was just normal break through bleeding for missing the pills. But its been two weeks since i should have had my period and i've taken pregancy tests and they come back neg. but the people who i have talked to say it might be to early to tell. But than on my 25th day of the pill (the sugar pills) i had a little spotting just on that day.

So i was just wondering if this was normal for tri cyclen lo or not. Any info. would be greatly appreciated Smile
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replied May 30th, 2009
I would recomend getting off of this pill. I was on it about 3 months ago, and had the opposite problem as you. on the first pack, when it came time for my period, it started right away and was HEAVY (a pad and tampon in an hour). I thought i could deal with it, but then it wouldn't go away. I was on my period for FIVE WEEKS (of it being just as heavy and painful) before i stopped the pills. once off, it still did not stop, so i started taking Yasmin in hopes that those hormones would regulate it. It finally stopped yesterday (i started in april), and i like yasmin much better because it has fewer side affects, and the pills are easier for me to swallow, for some reason. it sounds like the pills might regulate in a few months, or that you might be pregnant. i would take another test in a few days, and go see your doctor to switch pills.
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replied June 24th, 2009
b/c pills & pregnancy
Uhm, no. That's not normal. FYI Tri-Cyclen Lo SUCKS. I would advise you to get off of it if you really don't want to get pregnant. I had that exact same thing and I was prego & SO WAS MY SISTER. My cycles range from 30-45 days with my average usually being 36 days. LoestrinFe24 is a low dose birth control like tri-cyclen low but honestly.. with the people I personally know, it's more effective than that and Yaz. I took loestrin to regulate me and it worked wonderes!!! I had no side effects like I had with other b/c pills,with Loestrin, and my period was regulated perfectly. It was like clockwork when I got off of it.. back to normal.

If your body and cycle is anything like mine.. it could take you a while to show a positive. I had soem strange bleed for a few days in october, only bled for one day on the sugar pills and new something was up. November 21st rolled around, I was late again but only for a week before I started bleeding and it was off the charts. I bled for 9 days and the doctor said it was just because my body was trying to regulate from missing a pill or two from the month before. the bleeding stopped and I thought okay, I'm fine. A day or two later I bled again for 6 days!! This time I went to the er and they did some tests and told me that I was pregnant. I took 3 pregnancy tests. two in october and one in november. I also had a test done at the hospital when I bled for that nine days. It didn't show up until I went back after bleeding for those 6 days. SO yes you can still be pregnant. I would sugguest waiting 3 weeks after the week your period was suppose to show and go in for a blood pregnancy test. If you wait 4 weeks, they usuaully don't even question taht you need one and will say its fine without question. Good luck hun. I really hope you get the results you are looking for.
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