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Period was 4 days early and only lasted 4 days? Confused!

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Hello everyone,

Alright so my period is relatively regular, if it's ever out of wack it's only by a day or so and that's not often at all. I'll give a little background to support why I am confused. In march, my period was 2 days early and barely there so I got a blood pregnancy test that came was negative. In april, my period lasted 9 days and it was normal i guess but that's way too long compared to usual. In may, my period was 1 day early and lasted 8 days. Now, it's june and my period was 4 days early which is rare, with cramping and low abdominal cramps.. it just felt different. But it only lasted 4 days and was heavy for the first two days and light for the rest.

I took a home pregnancy test last month (which was negative), because I have also gained stomach weight for some reason and my breasts have gotten bigger. I also have had cravings for sweet food which isn't usual for me either. I thought about the possibility after i noticed things were off, so I don't think it's psychological. This last weekend I vomited 4 times in the span of maybe 2 hours. Ask details if you like, but I'm not sure if that matters (it was orange and frothy by the end and I couldn't keep water or even pepto bismol down).

Anyway, I am so confused and if it's not pregnancy, then what could it be?
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replied June 15th, 2011
hi bee1, im going thru the same thing now! nomal cycle (feb-april from the 2-6)but may i was late started on 6-11! confused! had unprotected sex wit hubby on the 20-21! kinda felt pregnant a week later! than june 4 cycle starts very light really use 1 pad&tampon 1st day! than mid to heavy for 2 or 3 days! ended the 10! than started spotting(pink/red)everyother wipe on the 12!one day of light brown with cloudy dischange no smell(mmmmmmmmm thinking whats goin on)neg hpt Sad! im really really confused! gald im not the only one thats confused! IT MAYB decidual bleeding!!!!
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