My daughters 11 she said she's been masterbating by herself of Corse but hasent come on and its the 26 helpppp
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replied November 26th, 2018
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Hi Kerry, your daughter is young enough that her periods are not expected to be regular. Just masturbating won't get her pregnant. It's good to hear that you are communicating well. Masturbating is normal and ok.

This would be a good opportunity to tell her that it's in the nature of the male beast to want sex with no thought of the consequences. It's her job to firmly refuse. She needs to know that ovulation is half way between periods and that female sex drive is highest at that time, with sex most likely to result in pregnancy. If she has male friends this is a good time to make sure their together time is in plain view. No more bedroom privileges.

Keep the lines of communication open. When you think the time of her sexual debut is getting close, make sure she is comfortable talking to you about it, so you can provide proper birth control.
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