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Period suddenly stopped - pregnant or birth control?

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I have the Nexplanon implant fitted and this caused me to bleed constantly, just lightly with maybe half a day of break and so I went back to the clinic and they gave me Cerazette birth control pills to help regulate the bleeding until my body settled down to the implant. Then about 2 - 3 weeks later me and my boyfriend decided that, since we had this sorted, we could have sex without a condom but to start off with he should pull out before ejaculation, but he didn't manage in time and he came inside me so I got Levonelle One Step the very next morning and then I felt fine... until a couple of days later when the bleeding stopped completely. Im really worried, is this just the Cerazette finally sorting out the bleeding, is the implant settling, is it because of the Levonelle or am I pregnant? I'm so worried, I really don't understand anything in this weird mish-mash of hormones I seem to be on Sad Am I just being super worried about nothing? Please help, thank you! Smile
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replied July 6th, 2012
when you start a new form of birth control it has to have time to get use to your body and regulate your cycle or work to stop your cycle. With you getting on the pills to help, which does not always work, and taking the one step after it can throw off your cycle and even stop it, i wouldn't worry about it. We are just about to start giving the Nexplanon to our patients in my office. Make sure you keep track of you LMP (First day of last cycle. Consult with your doctor for reassurance today to make sure she/he doesn't want you to take any extra steps, like taking blood work to make sure your not pregnant and so on. But don't stress yourself out to much, we have girls call all the time and everything ends up ok, but remember, birth control is not a promise, any bc can fail so always be sure about not using a condom before you have intercourse.

ps. when i took the plan B i spotted for a day and after that i didn't have my cycle for over a month. I was freaking out and one of our doctors kept ordering me blood work(as reassurance for myself) because i turned into a basket case and worried so much which also prolongs my cycle to even start.
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