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period or intermittent bleeding?

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Last weekend I started bleeding on Saturday morning with what I think was my period, just about a week early. I inserted a tampon but when I removed it later it was almost dry. At that point my bleeding had stopped, my urine was clear, etc. No signs of my period. Later that night I began bleeding again, used another tampon, only to have very little blood on it. On Sunday I continued using my tampons in hopes that my period would pick up and eventually the blood flow would be more consistent, but it never did. It was pretty light and I could've gotten away with wearing my usual pantyliner. By Monday the bleeding had stopped all together with only some pink spotting late that night.

My period was due anywhere from Thursday to yesterday (Saturday), but I still haven't gotten it. I've had some cramps and a wet feeling like it's coming. My question is, was what happened last weekend my period? Intermittent bleeding? Or could it be coming soon?
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replied May 23rd, 2011
Hi, I'm experiencing the exact same thing as you went through, and was hoping if you ever find out why this happened? as well as if this is something i need to be concern for. please let me know! thanks.
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